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I have never really thought much about dehydration, as I am an avid water drinker, but I am learning that there are times when water is simply not enough.  The current fitness trends of hot yoga, Cross Fit, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Couch to 5k programs are designed to push our current fitness levels and make us sweat—a lot! suggests that anyone who chooses high intensity work outs, especially as the temperatures rise, that are 45 minutes or longer, may need more than water to rehydrate.  As we sweat we lose water and electrolytes, so finding a beverage that contains magnesium, potassium and sodium for those extra sweaty workouts will help.

Casual, moderate intensity workouts don’t generally require electrolyte supplementation, but every body is different—so listen to yours!  No matter what the ads say, you don’t need fancy, expensive electrolyte drinks that tend to be filled with sugar, artificial dyes and unnecessary calories either.

Here are some options that come highly recommended on those days you need a little something more than water to replenish after your workout:

  • From add orange juice or another all fruit juice to your water.  Add salt and sugar to taste (I recommend pink Himalayan salt because it adds extra minerals)
  • For the smoothie lover: Banyan Botanicals offers a delicious sounding post-workout Ayurvedic smoothie to encourage healthy digestion, nervous system support and tissue rebuilding:
  • Sugar free options: plain coconut water, Ultima (a flavored stevia sweetened powder), Trader Joe’s alkaline electrolyte water, Smart Water, and my favorite Phytosport by Arbonne

If you are interested in extreme sports or long, intense workouts keep in mind it can take up to 48 hours to rehydrate (, so make sure you take care to rehydrate for multiple days after a really intense workout.

Some signs of dehydration include (eMedicineHealth):

  • increased thirst
  • dry mouth
  • feeling unusually tired
  • decreased urination
  • dark colored urine
  • headache
  • dizziness/fainting

Stay safe, hydrated and have fun this summer season!

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