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Do you lift weights?  You should.  A combination of cardio and weight training can help change the shape of your body, prevent injuries and decrease your risk of osteoporosis.  As we age our muscle mass decreases along with our metabolism.  Adding weight training to your fitness regimen can change the shape of your body, increase muscle mass and your metabolism.  According to www.draxe.com:

“One study found that in 10 weeks, inactive adults could see an increase in lean weight of more than 3 pounds and a reduction in fat weight of nearly 4 pounds, while increasing metabolic resting rate by 7 percent.”

Weight training exercise is also correlated with healthier blood cholesterol levels and decreased risk for heart attack and stroke. Having a regular routine of weight training exercise is correlated with increased longevity and protection from cancer.

If you feel nervous about stepping into the weight room find a strength training class, vinyasa yoga class or explore body weight exercises in your own home.  Your body will thank you.

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