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Last month I launched a new Facebook Page, Inspiration For A Balanced And Healthy Life, and I was overwhelmed by the messages I received from subscribers struggling with their weight, anxiety and/or depression.  15 years ago, I too would have shared this same story.  I was eighty pounds overweight and was on medication to control my anxiety and ease my symptoms of depression.  After the birth of my first son I began to read about holistic health and optimal nutrition.  I realized that the food I had been giving my body was exacerbating my mental health issues, and contributing to chronic inflammation; which was making my body lack the energy to enjoy anything but sitting on the couch.

One of the first things I did was add a high quality probiotic to my daily regimen.  This addition was helpful, but not enough.  Next, I met a talented woman in North Carolina that does allergy testing.  I found out that I had sensitivity to gluten and dairy—which were making my digestion slow down, creating brain fog, and contributing to my body aches and pains.  As I slowly eased these foods out of my diet, I also learned about fermented foods and prebiotics.  Like every change I make in life, I always change one thing at a time and stick with that change for six weeks before adding or changing something else.  Over time, the last twenty five pounds I was having challenges losing seem to fall off without effort.  Beyond weight loss, I no longer felt depressed and my anxiety reduced significantly.  I also had more energy than I had felt since I was a child, allowing me to move my body more and feel good while doing it.

More and more studies are pointing to the connection between gut health and mental health.  I just posted two articles on my new Facebook page that talk more about these connections and provide tips and tricks to help heal your gut:

If you have any questions or comments feel free to reach out to me via my new Facebook page:

To your health!


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