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I have been back in North Carolina catching up with family and friends during my summer break for almost two weeks now, and I had forgotten how oppressive the humidity can be in the summer!  The heat along with the humidity can really zap my energy and take away my desire to exercise.  I hear a little voice in my head tell me to head to the beach, mountains or hide in the cool air conditioning.  Summer is an excellent time to find fresh, local, produce so eating whole foods feels easy enough, but how to stay motivated to exercise and sweat when just stepping outside challenges my deodorant?

My greatest passion is group exercise.  Whether I step onto the dance floor or onto my yoga mat, I generally like to explore movement in a group setting.  I find having an exercise buddy keeps me accountable, as they are expecting me to show up and question me when I do not.  I also find pre-registering and paying for classes in advance prevents me from skipping my workout as well.  Yoga classes tend to prefer pre-registration which requires me to set an intention of movement, and I have paid in advance so I know that I will go.

On vacation or prefer to exercise outdoors?  Here are two links for articles that help you stay on target with your health and fitness goals even in the heat of the summer:



No matter what movement you choose, remember to stay hydrated.  I wrote an earlier blog on hydration, as I see more and more clients suffering from chronic dehydration and not recognizing the symptoms.  Once our electrolytes are out of balance water is often not absorbed without additional electrolytes present.

Happy exercising!!

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