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Earlier this month I posted a meme on Facebook about June and July only lasting four seconds, as it certainly feels that way to me.  My oldest son said August feels like a really long Sunday.  We all know that the summer routine is about to come to an end.  The stores have big signs promoting back to school supplies, school buses are practicing their routes and sometimes there is a small chill to the air in the morning.  How can we prepare for a successful transition back to school for ourselves and our children?  How can we create and/or maintain healthy routines without adding additional stress to our already full days?


Meal prepping has become a hot topic on social media.  I continuously see folks taking pictures of their week of meals all ready to go.  My first thought is meal prepping seems like a bunch of work, so I started poking around and found a great site with practical step by step instructions to get us all on the proactive path to healthy eating:

There are a lot of positives to meal prepping.  Depending on the age of your children, they can help with the preparation beginning to take ownership of their food and food choices.  You can save money.  No more impromptu restaurant meals, not to mention better nutrition; keeping everyone’s immune system healthier preventing unnecessary sick days.  Not sure what recipes are good for prepping?  I did a quick Google search and found meal prep recipes for each meal of the day and for special diet needs as well.


For many the routine of the school year actually allows parents an opportunity to get back to the gym, for some the opposite is true.  Exercise need not be lengthy or complicated to be impactful. Here is a brief article on the essentials of an effective, but minimalist style workout:

Immune/Mood Support:

Essential oils are all the rage.  Many people are finding they can replace chemical laden items in their first aid closet and medicine chest with a few well appointed essential oils.  A DoTerra leader sent this lovely list of suggestions to my email inbox that I will definitely be following this school year:

  • Morning: diffuse your favorite citrus oil OR peppermint to energize, uplift moods and kick off a positive day
  • Before school: roll/spray/rub Terrashield after sunscreen to keep kids bug free at recess and during P.E.
  • After school: Apply melaleuca to any new cuts/scrapes to cleanse and disinfect; frankincense to scabs to promote healing; lavender to itchy bug bites or sunburns
  • Bath time: 5-6 drops of lavender in the bath helps soothe and calm moods and get ready for a great night’s sleep
  • Bedtime: diffuse lavender, cedarwood or Serenity for a restful night’s sleep

Wishing all of us a smooth and easy transition back to school!!

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