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A bit about us…

The Ja’Makin Me Dance Fitness Foundation is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit established in August 2012. The Foundation provides high quality, fun, and effective fitness programs to individuals who either lack access to or cannot afford such programs. The purpose of the Foundation is to provide students with a vehicle for building and maintaining a fit and healthy life style while providing them with an outlet to deal with stress associated with job loss, change in financial circumstances etc.



Our mission is to support and inspire members of the community to create and sustain a fit and healthy lifestyle.


Mind, Body and Spirit

Ja’Makin Me Dance Fitness Foundation provides classes and programming that feed the Mind, Body and Spirit.

  • Mind: Coaching programs and events around life balance and self care
  • Body: Dance fitness, strength, yoga, nutrition and healthy living classes
  • Spirit: We provide all of  the above in a positive, uplifting environment where participants are encouraged and coached to meditate, live with intention and to give back to others.